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More News on my Book Launch

First few copies of my book (finally!) just out of the printers.. I wrote this book to answer all the questions I get on a weekly basis about S&C in the #gaa . I also wrote it as a starting point for all clubs, schools or any team to get something up and running.. it's…

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AIB GAA Article

AIB GAA Article:  Check out this article I did for the AIB GAA website.  If you are starting out with these methods in your club, it’s a great place to start.  Coach Hare

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How to prevent cycling injuries

How to Prevent Injuries in Cycling Cycling is a very popular sport among people of all ages. Many of them see it as more than just sport – it is also an alternative, healthier way of going to work or for a weekend getaway. Amateurs or athletes, pedalling on a special track or out on…

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