A bit of fun in our group personal training sessions

Are you sick of heading to gym with no direction and plan? 

You want a better body but you really don’t know where to start? 

Do you sometimes think that you’ll never change your body shape and weight? 




What if I told you three secrets that we have found to work in FTI?


1. You don’t need to quit drinking or just eat lettuce to lose weight.

2. You don’t need someone to roar abuse at you or make you puke to get lifelong results.

3. We actually get you to EAT MORE to get you to shed some unwanted pounds and inches, and best of all we are really nice and supportive people, the FTI family.


Check this video out with a one time offer for the first 5 people who sign up… 


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Here are some examples from some of our more advanced classes – 3 people all getting it done. Why not try us for 2 weeks and see if we are your cup of tea?


Don’t worry if you are not fit – you 100% don’t need or have to be.


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Transcription of the above Video:


How are you doing guys? This is Dave Hare, owner of Functional Training Ireland. I just basically want to explain to you what group personal training really means. When people think personal trainer, they think one on one, which is historically what it was. But what’s happened is with the advent of say better training systems, better coaching, just better knowledge about the human body and how we can work systems, what the industry and other leading players in the states and stuff have done is they’ve implemented group personal training, which basically means you get the same level of attention one on one or there could be three other people in the room or four people in the room. You’re all doing similar stuff but not quite the same. For example we could have 4 people in the room, one person could have bad knees, if you want to say bad. One person could have a sore back and one person could want fat loss. Then it’s up to us as a coach to make that work because what you’ll find is with personal training, everyone wants the same times. They want the 6 AM’s, they want the 7 AM’s, they want the lunch times and the evenings. We can’t facilitate and help people like that. It’s a great system that I really implore you to try. If you don’t try it with us, try it with someone else.

What are the other benefits of the course? It is cheaper because it’s economy of scale and if we have 3 people in the room we don’t have to charge you the full amount. It is a more sort of affordable option for some people out there with the same results.

The problems with it? There is none. The only problem is maybe in your own head. Maybe you’re scared and you want to just do a training session with non-strangers but we found in the FTI journey that actually once people start to become friends to the people they’re training with, because how could you not, you’re in the training together.

My challenge to you is check out some of our group personal training sessions. What I’m willing to do is put my money where my mouth is. If you reply to this post, what I’m going to do is I’ll leave a form, a this thing below, what I’ll do is I give you 2 weeks free to try out FTI systems, to know us is to love us. If you don’t like us, you get brilliant training for 2 weeks for free. I’m opening this to people who never been into doors, so please if you have been into doors don’t try and avail of it because I’m really passionate about it. That’s your challenge. You’re going to try and get into us and bite the bullet, get in with the real professionals, people who really know what they’re doing. We’re not putting 40 people in the room so you’re going to care about. This is bespoke tailor made stuff and we’ll go from there. I hope to see you then and any questions shoot me an email info@functionaltraining.ie Peace!


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