A tale of two Heineken Cups!

Oliver Kelly – From Fat to Fit

I’ve always been a big guy. At aged 19, I was 6’3” and over 16 stone. At aged 30 I was 18.5 stone. It was then I resolved for the umpteenth time to lose weight, and this time I was serious.
I moved home and I jogged/walked over 60km a week commuting and ate very healthily. I lost two stone. Unfortunately, I had niggling injuries: back, calf and tendon.
I couldn’t sustain the effort and between injuries and continual tiredness, and I gradually exercised less, started cycling to work and ringing the takeaway again. Two years later, I weighed 18st, 2lbs.
Now, I decided it was time to get some help with improving my own health.
I wanted to lose a substantial amount of weight and to be able to do all those things in life that I had been shying away from, like surfing or hiking.
I have no interest in running a sub five-minute mile or lifting heavy weights. I just want to be able to lift a 20kg backpack onto a Ryanair flight and go hiking with the bag when I arrive on my travels! I believe, with medical advances, I can live to 100. Most of that time, I want to spend in great health.
Benefits of Personal Training:
I started with Functional Training in September 2011. With trainer Dave Hare, I knew immediately I had found a trusted advisor for all of my dietary and training needs. After the first two individual sessions, I got my wife, Mary, to join me (at no additional cost). Dave’s positivity and enthusiasm at 7am made me believe I could achieve a level of health and fitness I had never known in my adult life.
We kept my initial goals simple, focusing on improving my basic fitness, not risking injury, and slowly allowed my muscles to develop and adjust. I lost a little bit of fat and gained some muscle. By last Christmas, I felt a lot better and I was now ready to really start losing weight. As well as international athletes, Functional Training were comfortable working with my modest goals.
Unlike crazy boot camps, working with Functional Training is a safe and aligned to your individual goals. The dietary advice and weekly individual exercise programme are invaluable. People ask me if personal trainers are expensive. No, certainly not compared to physio costs that are incurred through injury.

Dave has advised me to lower my carbohydrate intake and increase my protein consumption. He educated me about nutrition and advised me to understand what foods suited me best.
Once I fully committed to primal eating and continued to build fitness, the fat started to disappear. Since January 2012, I have lost 50lbs of fat. After I had lost over three stone, Dave referred me to Patricia Conway, a physio with Functional Training, to address some issues he had noticed with my glutes and tendons. Years of carrying excess fat around had led to some poor posture and walking technique – the cause of my calf and back problems. Being able to address those issues, with their help, has given me something that no amount of struggling on my own would have overcome.
My Reasons for Writing this:
I don’t consider myself the finished article. When I was asked to write my story, I felt it was a little premature. But then the thought occurred to me that if I read my own story three years ago, it would have saved me a lot of time and effort.
Although it involves hard work, losing fat and achieving fitness can be enjoyable. So stop struggling on your own and don’t be afraid to ask for help from the experts. Who knows where your journey could lead?

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