Break The Fast

Have a high protein breakfast each morning!
This one simple change can make a massive difference to your health and physique. It is the biggest issue that I see with nutrition clients. We have been brainwashed over the years to think breakfast is a time to be eating cereals and carbohydrate rich foods. Many people will also skip breakfast or eat light because they don’t have time in the morning.
This means that you start the day on the back foot. Your body needs a certain amount of protein each day to support lean muscle, repair and recover form your training. More than likely you have not eaten protein in 10 hours + by morning time,  so your body needs this in the mornings.
This will fill you for longer and get your metabolism firing early in the day. Try this for 10 days and see the difference yourself.
Training Days – Add 10-15 nuts to your porridge in the mornings on training days
Non-training days – Have 3-4 eggs (any style) with some smoked salmon/bacon
Alan Kenny – Head nutritionist at Functional Training Ireland   @alankenny138

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