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The Coach Hare Podcast –

The Coach Hare Podcast

In this instalment I mirror the article I wrote here

Follow my top ten tips and you want go too far wrong.

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Business Things all Fit Pros should know.

Business Things all Fit Pros Should know.

Quick Fire Business Things you should know as a Fit Pro –

1. TOMA – Means Top of Mind Awareness, when you think Dublin GAA – who do you think of? When you think Gym Equipment who do you think of? Get my idea – You need to have TOMA in a specific niche.

2. EAR – Earn, ask and reward all referral’s – The EAR principle.

3. ABM – Always be marketing – a fun term for fit pros to remember to leverage their time.

4. VAT – That rotten thing we all got to pay when we earn over €37,500 Gross revenue, if you currently are not expect a knock on the door one day.

5. 250 List – Borrowed from Travis Jones or Pat Rigsby, write out 250 people on excel and quite simply get out and meet them periodically. Be sure to include people outside your comfort zone.

6. Before Unit – What you do in Biz to get people in the door.

7. During Unit – What you do in Biz when people are in your door.

8. After Unit – How you communicate with people after they leave your door, Seriously know this stuff.

9. Lifetime value of a client (LVC) – On average how much does a client make you on average over the course of a lifetime. This is really important to know as you can leverage this pay a lot of money to get people in your door – example – Facebook ads – €100 – LVC – €2000 – You’ve just made €1900.

10. SEO – Search engine optimisation – This means how you set up your site to essentially do better in google.

11. Turnkey Facility – This means you can purchase equipment from one supplier, with exact colour coding and styles etc from day one. It used to be we had to buy gear from several sources with huge lead times – not any more. (Contact if you want advice off me).

12. OTR – Own the racecourse – means building a website and driving all our social media traffic back to it. This is a very clever strategy.

13. Wistia – a Video Hosting site that enables you to capture peoples emails.

14. WordPress – What most websites are edited with – seriously know how to use wordpress, it should be thought in schools.

15. A, B, and C clients – Write out all your clients, if they are A’s you love them and you want referrals off them big time. Try to ditch as many C’s as possible.

16. Email marketing – A powerful tool for FitPros, this means you can set up a free report, a free video series etc on your site – and capture peoples emails along the way. With someones email in your possession you can send them extremely powerful marketing messages.

17. Squeeze page – Squeeze pages usually mean some form of sales script on a website – which then directs people to fill out a form/ email capture so you can then market to them.

18. – A really useful form building software tool.

19. The Principle of the unequal Euro – This means the cash you earn from a great client, is worth way more than the money you earn of the same value off an energy vampire.

20. Pareto Principle – google it! Ha Ha

Thats enough for now –

If you are stuck in a rut with your marketing as a fit pro – Send me a message and we can meet up for a coffee and I can see if I can help you on some level.


Coach Hare

Kettlebell Workout by Conor Mulhern

 Check out this great vid by the boys over at Sports Physio Ireland


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3 great ACL rehab exercises

Recovering from surgery following an ACL tear is a slow process. In the early stages, the emphasis should always be on swelling control, pain management, and early restoration of range of movement. 

However, as the weeks/months go by, and as you begin to feel more confident using the affected leg, you will need to begin to challenge yourself that little bit more in the gym in order to regain your previous level of function. 

As the majority of ACL injuries occur in non-contact situations, very often individuals present with certain muscle imbalances/asymmetries and functional deficits that have predisposed them to the injury in the first place.

Therefore with my patients, I will always try to clean up these dysfunctional movement patterns to ensure that the individual will make a full recovery and will minimize their chance of future injury!

Here are three exercises I often use as part of my rehab programs.

Riain Casey Chartered Physiotherapist


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Shin Splints No More

“Shin Splints” or Medial Tibial Stress syndrome (MTSS) is a global term for pain along the inside of the shin. It’s the result of repetitive loads to the front of the shin, and the inability to keep up with the repair process. As we approach the marathon season late summer and early autumn, runners are starting to ramp up training programs, and what is more frustrating to any runner, but to put in the long month of training, and then to have to pull out of a race you have been looking forward to for months due to injury?


So as we step up our training, this is the time to help prevent these type of overuse injuries by adding in preventative exercises and using these simple tips!


  • Training Load
    • Incremental and gradual
    • Create a plan and have an expert look over it
    • Listen to your body, it is the best judge!


  • Posterior Chain Strength
    • Make your Glutes, Hamstrings and Calfs strong and tough enough to withstand the training load
    • Try these three exercises below, and add into your training program two to three times per week!


  • Recovery
    • Hydration
    • Nutrition
    • And sleep

The king of recovery strategies, get a minimum of 8 hours sleep per night.

Thomas Divily Chartered Physio

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