Checking your squat to fix your back;

By Joey Boland, Physiotherapist at Functional Training Ireland


Just a quick article here guys;


I like to examine my patients squat technique when assessing them for injuries. It won’t tell me everything but it will highlight obvious natural imbalances or imbalances caused by previous injuries to me.


One of my ex-crossfit clients who is training for his first marathon is currently recovering from a left lower back injury which flared up when doing a set of barbell push presses in his own gym.


For any of you who don’t know what a push press is, check out this video I got off the web.


Have a look at my clients’ squat two weeks after he irritated his back, can you spot the imbalance?



I don’t know for sure if he had this imbalance before this latest injury or after but I suspect he had this shift before his latest injury.


You can see how a push press exercise would put extra pressure stress on his lower left side if this imbalance was there when doing this exercise.


The goal of my latest session was to try re-educate my client’s squat using an activation technique that I use with some bands, check it out!



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