Classes I Like/Hate

I get asked this a lot so here goes,

Chances are if you are a member of a commercial gym you will see a “class schedule”.

Here is the list of ones I reckon you should avoid / try.

1. Core Class – usually a spinal flexion class (not good), most of you need to do more stabilising stuff for the core muscles not more crunches, I usually see in these classes is plank done badly for time by 30 people. Avoid.

2. Kettlebell Class – I love kettlebells but I hate the class (unless the instructor is a RKC or really good at kettlebells). Most of you simply don’t have the technique, plus, there is usually too many people in the class to facilitate proper instruction. We treat a lot of sore backs, necks and knees because of these classes. Avoid.

3. ZUMBA – I have no problem with Zumba, it’s fun, you move around, it’s multi-directional I can think of a lot worse.

4. Spinning – Whilst not brilliant for your posture – it’s fun and is a great workout, do some stretches for your upper back afterwards and you’ll be good.

5. Boxercise – A good workout, great for fat loss, hard to do much damage here.

6. TRX – Again, I love TRX’s but I hate the class – too many people generally doing too many advanced exercises because they look cool, we again fix a lot of peoples backs, necks and knees because of this class. If you have a good TRX instructor ignore what I said.

I’ll also add – if your instructor doesn’t go around and correct you – get a new gym, a coaches job is to coach, not to jump in the class with you and look great.

Dave “FTI” Hare


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