Criticising Others

When you do what I do for a living you are invariably going to get some dose of criticism from people as you go.


Generally this “bad mouthing” comes from either the laziest player on your team as you push him (and show him up for the lazy sod that he is) or it can come from other sources.


Basically with the advent of the internet we now have a generation of know it all bluffers who sit all day and spew out plagiarised material day in day out, worse still people actually follow this crap and get sucked in.


What I beg you all to do is sit down and ask yourself these questions before you read an internet heroes material;


1. Is this person qualified?

2. Does this person actually coach anyone, have they testimonials from real athletes or clients and are they respected amongst their peers?

3. Do they regularly lie on their little web page, and have they been pulled up on it?

4. Do they actually own a facility? or is it the local YMCA?

5. Have they been doing it for a prolonged time period?


Usually the answer is no to all of the above.


These know it all internet clowns generally call everyone crap and they actually believe that they are good at what they do because they have a popular page.


It’s sad but true.


My advice to the internet clowns, go train athletes and teams instead of talking about it. Implement your ideas and if the rest of us are so wrong show us with videos, articles and testing data.


Rant over










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