Did I see you in McDonalds?

I am pretty sure I did?


Only messing but my point is we all fail..

Failing is good…..To a point

You see

I have a client who is super duper marketer man —>

He calls failing in marketing “testing” ; ; ; I love that , ,

If it doesn’t work move on and try again is their motto~~~


I have seen too many people on one of our 6/12 week Transformations///


On one of our physio treatments beat themselves up because?

“ah Dave I ate shite on the weekend”

“ah Dave I didn’t do my exercises”


My answer is always – so what!

Let’s get back on the Berardi principles –
Training Hard
Eating clean and live to fight another day!!!

And guess what we get killer results?

No shouting or hissy fits – – –

You aint gonna get Chicken and Broccoli pics of me }}}}

In fact as I type this I have a killer workout at 8.15 and

Dreading it

But I will soldier on as I’m in the zone right now…


I have a great trainer and I have outsourced my training…

Everyone needs a coach…

So if you ever need advice email me —

In Fact if you want to meet up for a coffee I’ll be glad to and discuss your
training as I know how scary jumping into some training can be!!

No Charge (but no cake! ha)

Don’t be shy – – –

Dave “I will Prevail” Hare

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