Do you want to start running?

By David Hare and Peter Mathews


Running, walking or jogging is still one of the most popular methods people use to get fit. It is not my number one choice for most people, however, if you’re going to do it – do it well. Here are a few tips from the professionals that fix running injuries day in day out.


What Runners/Trainers Should I Buy? 



It depends on you; if you are a heavy set individual a runner called the Brooks Beast is the best option, this runner has tonnes of cushioning.

If you tend to be not the smoothest of runner, a runner called Brooks Adrenaline offers good control. Asics top of the range model the Gel Kayano works really well for everyone in between.

The most important thing to realise is if you scrimp on your runners it will come back to haunt you.


Where to buy them?


Peter Mathews asserts that these shops are very good at getting runners; you want a sports shop that understands sport not just what looks good. A good sport shop will stock Asics, New Balance and Brooks for example.


Mick Dowling Sports – Terenure Dublin

Amphibian King – Bray Wicklow

John Buckley – Cork (John himself was a runner and so are some of the staff!)

Elvery Sports- Nationwide

Runways- Dublin


Some shops now like Amphibian King or Runways will actually do Gait analysis for you. This basically means they will be able to tell you the best runner for your needs.


What to avoid?


Avoid gimmicks, most joggers run with completely inadequate gear, forget fashion ladies and think function. Any runner that looks good with jeans or has been used for the gardening for a number of years is not a good choice. Get a nice fresh pair of runners that suit your feet and running style and your body will thank you. I will also say avoid running barefoot cold turkey – not a good idea at all.


What prices are runners?


Obviously the vary in price greatly, but the most expensive runner out there is the Gel Kayano at about 123 euro, the Brooks Beast should be around 100 euro. A good entry level Asics or Brooks will cost you over 80 euros; Peter Mathews would say it’s worth it. Let’s face it running is cheap anyway so don’t be scabby.


Best Brands?


Typically the best brands are Asics, Brooks, New Balance and Addidas probably in that order too. Both Peter and I don’t like Nike or any fashion type runner (even though they look great).


Happy Running and remember you still need to do core, stretching  etc and get a plan from a professional if you truly want to avoid injuries.

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