Does your workout look like this?

By David Hare ; Owner of Functional Training Ireland.

Do you head to the gym and hit the cardio machines first for a crappy 5-10minutes?

Do you head straight to the bench?

Ok, I will be honest, we have all done this, when people tell me what they get up to in the gym this is what I hear, rarely if ever do I hear about dynamic warm ups, Squats, free weights or core training.

Do yourself a favour and get a coach! Only if it is for a few sessions now and again –  but if you train yourself your doomed to less than perfect results. Here is what I recommend.

1. Write down your goals.

2. Get an assessment of your weaknesses by a trained professional.

3. Get a coach that can guide you a wee bit, better still join a training group.

4. Train as per plan written by someone smarter than you in the fitness area.

4. Repeat forever!

Remember even the top golfers have a coach, Lionel Messi has a coach, you can’t avoid it.

Call around for a FREE assessment and we can start you on your journey.

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