Early Back Pain Management

Have you ever suffered from back pain?

We have all done it!

PING and then the back is in spasm, it’s not very pleasant and can strike at any time.

Functional Training Ireland physiotherapist Joey Boland demonstrates how to self manage the onset of back pain to help reduce the pain you’re suffering prior to being assessed and treated.

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One thought on “Early Back Pain Management

  1. Derek Hobbs

    Hi Guys,

    A friend suggested I contact you to see if you have suitable programmes for me.

    I underwent a microdiesctomy on June 10th following 4 months of severe, 24/7 sciatic
    pain in right leg thanks to herniated disc. I have suffered with low back pain sporadically
    before this, for many years.

    Anyway, I’m anxious to get back to golfing ASAP but want to do things right.

    Can I ask what you might suggest?




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