Foam Rolling/Soft Tissue Course

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Where? FTI Dublin

When? Thursday 6pm

This course will stop you buying a foam roller and leaving it in the boot of your car for months…

What is Foam Rolling?

Foam rolling actually helps make the muscle and tissue more pliable and flexible (it does this via a process called “autogenic inhibition,” where the pressure basically stimulates the GTO (Golgi Tendon Organ) which inhibits the muscle spindles and consequently allows the muscle to lengthen.

It’s kind of like a poor mans massage.

The problem with foam rolling nowadays is this, confusion, you know you should start but you dont know where to begin!

Or.. Increasingly we are seeing people not utilising the full benefits of foam rolling, they are stuck in a rut so to speak…

We can help…

With our quick and incitful 2 max hour seminar you will learn…

  1. How to REALLY foam roll to get faster, yes faster at you sport
  2. How to use sliotars, tennis balls and hockey balls as your physio busters
  3. Areas you REALLY need to hit to avoid injury
  4. How to make your foam roller improve your flexibilty
  5. When the best time to foam roll is
  6. How to program your foam rolling into your schedule
  7. Why a rock harder roller might not be the best for you
  8. You get to keep a brand new solid “perform better” foam roller

Bonus Material…

FTI exclusive training book with over 20 exercises and tips

You get to keep the Foam Roller you use in the course!

We also promise you a nice coffee on the day.

The only thing you have to lose is injuries;

So confident you will love this quick and packed seminar….

We are offering a 100% money back guarantee if the information does not meet with your satisfaction.

We have put 1000’s of athletes through foam rolling circuits and literally sold 1000s of foam rollers since we started our company…

Learn of the best and keep the physio sessions at bay.

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Simply sign up here and we can get you on this great seminar;


This will sell fast as I want the attendees to be extremely happy so we are limiting numbers to only 12 people.

5 thoughts on “Foam Rolling/Soft Tissue Course

  1. Paul Gannon

    Hello I was looking to find out more info about your foam rollar courses as in the start date of the next course and where about in Dublin it will be based and how much the course is? Hope to here from you soon

    1. Dave Hare Post author

      The next course will be announced all through social media Paul.. But we generally only do one a year..


    1. Dave Hare Post author

      Hey Andy – We typically do one once a year – We can arrange a private course in it – if you would wish but it would be slightly more expensive –

      Kindest Regards



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