Getting the most from your training Sessions

by David Hare, Owner of Functional Training Ireland and ISCI board member. 


OK, already you are ahead of the pack by 95%, you’ve made it to the gym, the park or wherever you decide to go training. So let’s get the most from your training now. Here are a few simple top tips I recommend to all our personal training clients.


Arrive on time:


A simple point, but if you are consistently late for any organised classes, it adds up; that’s a tonne of quality training time you are missing. Be on time.


Arrive Hydrated:


Another simple point, but the amount of players or personal training clients I have trained that simply arrive chronically dehydrated is amazing, Make sure to guzzle water on the lead-up to your training sessions.


Stick to a program:


Do you have one? If not, get one. The temptation will be to change it and tweak it as you go along. I recommend sticking to it; if you have a coach, he or she will tweak it as they see fit, but if you invest in a program stick to it.


Start your session with mobility and soft tissue work:


If you train hard, it’s tough on your body; devote some time on foam rolling, stretching and dynamic mobility at the start of your training, and you will in essence be able to train HARDER and LONGER.


If fat loss is the goal – think intervals:


99% of you reading this are stuck for time; think sprints on a low impact cardio machine at the end of your session. You will get a lot of health benefits, as well as the research indicates that it’s the most effective way at burning fat.

Always remember consistency is the key; just get to the gym and get it done. If your training has gone stale, get into a great personal training for a few hints. If you are nursing an injury get into a great physiotherapist; it’s simple.


Coach Hare

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