Great feedback from a Physio Client

From: Sarah Ridout

When I was referred to Orla by my GP after an MRI had shown degeneration in my back I had already seen a physio for 4 sessions over a period of weeks and my pain was still so bad it hurt to even walk. A normal life with my children and family seemed to be a lifetime away and I was beginning to accept a future of constant pain. After just one session with Orla my pain was much better and after three sessions I was a different person.

I was able to put my TENS machine pain relief machine away and her exercises allowed me to have pleasure in life again. Orla wasn’t anything like the physio I had had before, she was an expert and knew exactly what was wrong with me, how to treat me in stages and improve my core strength.

I was actually sad to stop the sessions because she’d cured me and because I was repatriating to Australia. Orla even modified my program to a daily travel program I was able to do for the 2 months I was on the road during our relocation. I was scared of re-aggravating my back while lugging children and suitcases across the world but Orla had strengthened my core so much it wasn’t an issue. Thanks Orla for giving me a normal life again – that’s quite a gift.

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