Are you balanced with your gym program?

Below I will outline the absolute basics of gym training. I never stray away from these few basic principals and I think you will find it will serve you well also.

1: Begin with the hardest exercise first;

Start with your squats, deadlifts, cleans or whatever exercise you deem to be your hardest. And gents it shouldn’t be the bench press if you are a normal gym goer.

2: For every push do a pull – for every push overhead do an overhead pull.

Ok, too many people do push push push, and no pulling type movements. If you do the bench press (and most of you do, be honest) do a rowing exercise afterwards to balance yourself. If you do an overhead press – do a vertical pull like a chin up or lat pull down. Your shoulders will thank you.

3. You have legs work them:

When you work your legs, think hips. Basically most gym goers never do any hip dominant leg work, they just end up bending their knees alot. Try deadlifts, reaching lunges, reverse lunges, bridging, 1 leg deadlifts.

4. Switch your ab work for some core work:

Just ditch sit ups and crunches with twists, the research is overwhelming these are bad for you. Learn to do a good core drill.

Hope this quick blog post helps you, leave a comment.

David Hare CSCS

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