Hip mobility for speed and injury reduction –

David Hare and Joey Boland 

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It’s a problem we see all too often you have tight hips and you suffer from hamstring or quad tears?


I used to be plagued by these throughout my career but these simple tips can help you too.


Here are some easy to do tips so you can now test and correct poor hip mobility.


The Thomas test is a simple test that I use to expose hip tightness in the hips and quads. Try it yourself and see how you do….



I often find a difference in hip flexibility between sides in hurlers as they generally lunge with the same leg every time they pick up the ball which can cause tightness over time


What is the solution?


I like to use the side lying quad stretch. Take a look at the video and try it yourself. In it we show some common mistakes made and simple cues to correct them for maximum stretch.



Hip extension is essential for all athletes especially where speed is of paramount importance. The more hip mobility, the bigger the stride, the quicker you move!


Once a client has improved their basic quad stretch we move onto more functional higher level exercises to maintain this hip mobility like a one leg cable row as seen below. This looks easy but will challenge you immensely in a wide range of areas.



Again fixing these issues will help you not just on the hurling pitch but in general life too. I’m not a fan of just treating hamstring and quad pulls with machines or only massage, you need to get strong!


Leave a comment and let us know how you get on.


Dave and Joey

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