How do you explain FTI?

I set up FTI about 7 years ago with probably about 10k in capital.

I was fired from a previous job and no one would hire me so i decided to get the shoulder to the wheel.

I opened FTI down a lane way in Ranelagh and the rest is history –

I was frustrated by the crap in commercial gyms, frustrated by lack of proper instructing and outdated machine weights etc.

I wanted to train people to show them the right way – the FUNCTIONAL way.

but… >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>><<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<

The problem with Functional Training is it’s extremely hard to explain..

I mean, when I start talking about transverse planes, or Glutes do you understand?

I barely do. ! ! -=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-

So this is what I have done –

Try us out for 30days at only €59

I’ll let you try pretty much ALL our training services in those 30days..

If you like us at the end – Great – if not so be it.

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