How to treat an ankle injury –

by Joey Boland, Chartered physiotherapist and S&C coach at Functional Training Ireland.


This is how I manage and treat an ankle sprain during the first week after injury

Ankles tend to be one of the most under-rehabbed injuries with players.

The general thought process is limp around on it for a week,  strap it up and play on it!

I have suffered ankle injuries throughout my career and have recently suffered a grade 2 medial ankle sprain, sometimes there is nothing you can do, you fall awkwardly etc.

Here is a little video which shows the different steps that I find is best to use when managing an ankle injury in the first week.

Video clips in the following order;

Taking off bandage (compression)
Ice bucket (decrease swelling)
Ice bucket range of motion (regain ankle range in ice)


Here is the next step I would go through…


Foam roll calves (relieve local muscle tightness)
Balance on blue mat (static balance)
1 leg Dynamic balance with cable (regain 1 leg strength and balance)


X band walk (activate lateral chain while walking)




Thankfully after about 3-4 weeks I am back playing, I highly recommend getting in to a physio early on to help fast track your recovery.



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