I am going to regret this…..

Hey friends,


I was at a course recently and I suddenly realised when it comes to nutrition advice we are failing you as a company.


It’s not good enough & I want to change this pronto.


I instantly made the decision to hire the best nutritionist I could afford to work with our clients.


I sourced Alan Kenny from Kildare, and I’ll be honest I first met Alan over a few creamy pints of stout after a conference.


He knows his stuff upside down and inside out, already he’s getting amazing results with my clientele.


You don’t work in Athletes Performance in the USA without being good (look them up).


Alan normally charges 100euro for a full consult but I want to run a special offer as a weak form of apology.


39.99 euro for the best face to face nutrition talk/advice/diet/systems/tips you’ll ever get.


I’ll be making a loss on this and I am limiting it to the first 10 people who sign up on the link.





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