I hate the term warm up.

Why? Your clients and athletes instantly think jogging on the treadmill and crappy static stretching derived from a 1960’s PE manual.

I really do think with general population and athletes the start of a session should roughly look like- – – – >

* Soft Tissue work – chiefly foam rolling.

* Static Stretching – Your clients NEED to do some in my opinion.

* Dynamic Stretching – A great transition phase where we get to raise the core temperature and work on the all important movement skills.

* Activation Drills – such as glute firing, rhomboids etc, basically your sleepy muscles and trust me there are a few.

* Power training – Basically moving quicker and faster than you normally do, we apparently lose power much quicker than strength as we age.


< – – – – This has just as much benefits to them as functioning human beings as the strength training and conditioning aspects LONG term.

I think the flow of the above is crucial, start from the ground and working to more ballistic movements for example.

Stretching after foam rolling seems to work much better in my experience and have a system, otherwise you’ll be like a rudderless ship.

Happy Training…

Coach Hare

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