Injury Prevention in teams

**Stopping injuries before they happen**

As a sports physiotherapist, one of the most frustrating scenarios you will encounter is when a player breaks down with a certain injury that could easily have been prevented.

For the player themselves, it can be disastrous in the build up to a big game, and for you as a physio, it will play on your mind if you feel there is something you could have done to prevent/protect the player from injury.

Personally, I like to screen my players in the preseason, looking at how they move functionally, their squat, lunge, push up, single leg deadlift, single leg squat etc. to help identify specific muscle imbalances and asymmetries that may predispose them to injury.

With this in mind, you can easily put a preventative programme in place, that the player can build in to his or her gym programme, that will help them to move better and most importantly, place them at a lower risk of injury.

Here is a cool high level shoulder stabilisation exercise that I have built in to a preventative programme for one of my players.

Riain Casey Chartered Physiotherapist


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