Olympic Lifting for team sports

Olympic Lifting with GAA teams, soccer, rugby etc is a long term project in my eyes, and you’ll have to accept that some of your team can’t, won’t or shouldn’t go near them.

That said, if you can get them in your program I have seen huge speed and power benefits with my athletes.

If you aren’t proficient at the lifts don’t dream of coaching them either, do something else and move on.

My best advice to athletes is really seek out a good olympic lifting coach if you want to learn them, and also I will say the same for aspiring S&C coaches (I can give you names).

I would never do them off the floor with 99% of team sport athletes and I strongly recommend getting the proper bars, those cheap nasty fat olympic bars are brutal for olympic lifts (try ef&p gyms.com)

Keep your reps low (please don’t do high reps on Oly lifts) practice a tonne with broomstick handles and do your stretching and chances are you could be snatching or cleaning your way to faster sprint times.

Things I have noticed with Olympic lifting variations with teams that may help you –

[Chiefly I coach hang snatch and hang clean – I coach the Harry Leech inspired way (Capital Strength)]

1, Warm up is crucial, skip this at your peril

2, Recording the lifts helps you coach a tonne. Sending your athletes good videos on technique helps too.

3, Your athletes will be incredibly arm dominant. This is a habit built up from their “curls and sit ups” days. You’ll say loose arms, or your arms are like ropes 1 million times.

4, Good equipment helps 100%.

5, A mirror in small doses helped me coach my athletes big time. Don’t let them use it all the time though.

6, Chalk adds a “cool” factor and reduces slippy bar syndrome, liquid chalk is shite. In a team setting you’ll have ten pairs of hands on one bar potentially.

7, Getting your athletes in good solid runners is the best you can hope for, if they buy weightlifting shoes you’ll see massive improvements, encourage them to buy them.

8, Don’t over coach, let them make mistakes – but let them make them with a light weight.

9, When you’re coaching have a light bar near by to show technique, Olympic lifting is not a good idea without a warm up (especially with my mobility), don’t be tempted to just jump in coaches! I’ve a dodgy neck as a result.

10, Be patient – good technique takes time. If the session descends into chaos be sure to have a fall back exercise.

11, You will say keep the bar close to your body 1 million times.

12, Always ask yourself, did that lift pass the SHIT test, if it looked shit it was shit, if it didn’t it wasn’t.

13, You’ll never have enough time to coach them, be strict with your time in the session.

I hope you enjoyed the tips, again I will be clear, I am not an olympic lifting coach but merely a S&C that teaches olympic lifting variations to my more advanced athletes.

Happy coaching/lifting.

Coach Hare

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