Quick Fire Fitness Tips

By David Hare CSCS, Owner Functional Training Ireland

1. Personal Training works;

Have a look around your typical commercial facility, have a look at the progress the average person is making. Now look at the effort and intensity of the people getting some help. Even if all you can afford is once a month you should get some help.

2. Fish Oil – get some.

3. Vitamin D – get some.

4. Protein post workout is a must;

 With all my teams that I train I will not let them train unless they have some food for straight away after the workout.

5. Foam Rolling works;

If you are a runner or any endurance athlete especially it can keep you on the road for longer. Get one ASAP. P.S we sell them!

6. Barefoot training is great in certain cases, but a wee bit overated in others;

We are not Kenyan’s and we have not been reared with barefoot everything from a young age. So if your a novice runner (and most of you are) maybe stick with the Asics for now. If you deadlift or swing kettlebells slip off your runners.

7. “Worry about the minutes before you worry about the seconds”;

Dont get over complicated, If you are still clocking ten minute miles the latest carb loading protocol is probably not best for you.

8. Source a physio that can fix you and has the tools to do so;

If you are injured and you have been to the physio more then 10 times and you are not fixed, get a new physio. There are of course exceptions to this like an ACL rehab or something serious like an achilles rupture but a simple hamstring tear or groin pull! Start googling some good sports physios.

9. Eat like an adult;

Cut out the stuff in your diet that your 12 year old cousin eats, crisps, cereals, icecream etc..

10. Don’t go to a physio that just hooks you up to a machine;

11. Make water your number one beverage;

12. Don’t smoke – if you do don’t come to me complaining about your lack of fitness;

13. Stretch more;

Don’t waste time looking like you are stretching – actually get in positions you hate, also, don’t keep doing the ones you are good at.

14. “If you coach yourself you have an idiot for a client”;

If you want to build a house you use an architect, if you want to fix a car you go to a mechanic etc… Get some help, go to a trainer even once in a while and you will the benefits because it is very very hard to coach yourself. FYI I have a coach!

15. Youtube is great but don’t base your training on it.

I love youtube for some great info, but it is also like any tool be dangerous. Maybe that clip you saw of a highly trained ninja performing flips on a swiss ball isn’t the best for you? Again I repeat get a coach and reap the rewards.

Let me know what you think about the tips.

Dave Hare


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