Simple stuff to help your workouts

Simple stuff to help your workouts/ personal training sessions

by David Hare CSCS


1. Write a weekly food diary.

There are many benefits to this but chiefly you will actually see what you are really eating. Be honest with yourself and write every detail. Armed with this humbling information there could be simple fixes that could save you pounds of bodyweight over the year.


2. Get really good technique in the key lifts.


Some people worry too much about the little things before they can master a squat, a push up, a chin up, a lunge, a dumbbell row. Lets say if you can do ten of these well each start thinking about the harder stuff. (ok chin ups are hard but you can use a band to help you).

3. Go easy on the bread.


Excessive consumption of white bread or brown bread (I see no real difference between the two) is hurting many the slimmers chances of leaning out. Avoid bread like you are allergic to it, chances are you will still eat enough anyway.

4. An apple a day keeps the doctor at bay.


Apples are so handy for a healthy snack, not only are they really good but they are so easily available. Instead of reaching for a bar or crisps next time your peckish, reach for an apple.


5. Eat a breakfast.


Simple fact of life, people who eat a healthy breakfast are slimmer than those who skip the most important meal of the day. Most people know this one and choose to ignore it, never skip breakfast. Get protein at breakfast time too.

6. Always eat after training.


After training your body craves nutrition, current research indicates you have around a 20 minute window of opportunity to ingest calories post workout. Quite simply you will not believe the difference taking a small amount of carbs and protien post workout will make over the course of a year. Honestly how many people do this? With any team I train the first rule I make is no food – no train.  At county level we have shakes just before finishing the workout and straight after the workout.

7. Fish Oil works


An overwhelming body of research has shown that fish oil or omega-3 fatty acids are beneficial for a myriad of good things in the human body, one of them being fat loss. Get on “the fish” as soon as possible.

8. Beware of weekends.


Unfortunatley you can undue all your hard work during the week by having a big weekend, its a fact of life that nearly all of us go out on the weekends and consume too much calories. Why not plan for this and ensure you are kept active on the weekends?

9. Not all calories are created equal.


There is far more to nutrition than just counting your “points” or calorie intake.
Here’s an example of why not it’s not just about how many calories you consume:
If we take two people of fairly equal size and fitness level. We put both people on the same training program and allow each person to eat 3,000 calories per day.
Person A – can only get his calories from lean meats /salmon, fresh fruits and vegetables and sweet potatoes and brown rice
Person B — can only get his calories from candy, ice cream and fast food
After 8 weeks or so, who do you think is going to look better?
Obviously person A.
So even though both people trained the same way and ate the same amount of calories, they will most definitely end up with very different results.
This is why when it comes to calories, it’s not the quantity that’s most important, it’s the quality.


10. Cereals are not as healthy as you think. In fact many are not healthy at all.

Most if not all traditional cereals are essentially loads of processed sugar in a bowl, yet its the number one choice for people around the country. How essentially sugar ladened processed maize is construed as healthy is just down to clever marketing? A healthy start to day should be back to basics, eggs, lean rashers, organic porridge or muesli. For the busy individual a protein shake with some fruit would be a must better option than your popular cereals.

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