Sports Massage to help your Marathon training.

By, Peter Mathews – Former cross country champion of Ireland.

It is only 13 weeks to go until the 2011 Dublin City marathon; runners have already begun to train for the event steadily building up the miles. In my professional opinion the hardest thing about the marathon is the training you have to do; it’s extremely hard on the muscles, joints and body. If you manage to get to the starting line injury free, that’s a big part of the job done.

As you build up your mileage over time you will find that your leg muscles may get tight and tired, this is turn can cause knee, hip or ankle pain. Regular sports massage and foam rolling can help keep your muscles fresh and maintain optimal range of movement. When I was a full time runner regular sports massage went along way to keep me injury free, I used to feel I couldn’t have survived without it

Remember prevention is better than cure so book a sports massage to keep your body ticking over, your marathon times will thank you.

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