Strength and conditioning for teams

If you want your team players to run quicker, hit their opponents harder and/or jump higher, look no further. Our proven methods and strategies at Functional Training Ireland will significantly improve your chances of success and ensure that every player is fulfilling their potential
We will deliver the results you want.

Whether you need us on a consultancy basis, or for more regular team training, we will tailor and implement cutting-edge strength and conditioning techniques to suit your team or club

Functional Training Ireland can drop out to your club to conduct intensive training sessions and can also develop a fully functional Strength and Conditioning facility in your club house to allow more effective in-house sessions in a competitive environment.

This is a wonderful opportunity to recruit a Strength and Conditioning expert who will personally work with your team to achieve the best possible results – success is guaranteed.

Some of the teams and squads we have successfully trained in the past include:

Ballymun Kickhams GAA Club (Gymnasium developed here)
Naomh Fionnbarra GAA club (Gymnasium developed here)
Killoe GAA
(Gymnasium developed here)
Fr. Manning Gaels
(Gymnasium developed here)
St. Mels College
(Gymnasium developed here)
Eoghan Rua GAA – Derry
Longford GAA
Gortletteragh GAA – Leitrim
Mullanalaghta GAA – Longford
Irish Paralympics Cycling squad
Irish Paralympics Rowing squad
Westwood Elite Tennis squads

Functional Training Ireland’s methods will improve:
• Linear and Lateral Speed
• Conditioning
• Flexibility
• Coordination
• Core strength
• Explosive power
• Injury prevention
• Strength and endurance
• Diet and nutrition
• Mental toughness
• Bulking up


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