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Clean up your Lunges

Functional Training Ireland Director Dave Hare goes through the common mistakes associated with lunges and how to fix them.

Dave discusses how to eradicate the errors commonly seen when performing lunges. Try out these tips and let us know how you get on.

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Give your Arms a good workout

Functional Training Ireland director Dave Hare shows us how to give your arms a tough and safe work out with out causing your body any harm.

Try the variety of options Dave gives to get a good arm work out in.

Curls for the Girls!


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Early Back Pain Management

Have you ever suffered from back pain?

We have all done it!

PING and then the back is in spasm, it’s not very pleasant and can strike at any time.

Functional Training Ireland physiotherapist Joey Boland demonstrates how to self manage the onset of back pain to help reduce the pain you’re suffering prior to being assessed and treated.

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Hit the trigger points in your hips

Peter Mathews talks us through the techniques he uses to help you alleviate pain you may be suffering in your knee, calf or back through working out any trigger points you may have around your hips. Peter shows us the spots to target to help you be pain free.


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The Functional Training Podcast 4 – Marathon

In this podcast we discuss all about the Dublin City Marathon.
Such as,
  • Not recovering between runs
  • Going from zero to hero
  • Not fuelling properly
  • Running too hard early in the race.
  • Bad footwear.
The importance of Strength and Conditioning when it comes to running and why running actually makes you weaker.
A lot of important info here folks!
In the room was David Hare, Peter Mathews, Joey Boland, Riain Casey and Conor Mulhern.
We hope you enjoy.