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Peter Mathews Running Course

Check out some of the exercises Peter uses in his own training and in his courses – gold standard stuff..

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Agility Drills For Rehab

Here are some return to play basic agility drills I like to practice with my athletes.

Very important to finish out your rehab so all boxes are ticked before you get back out there!!


Joey Boland Physio

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Do you have sore shoulders?

Orla Magorrian our physio goes through a great simple exercise you can try to stretch out your upper back – we give this to people with sore necks, sore lower backs and generally tightness in their body..

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Try everything we got for only €59

*** Try 30 days of personal training, group training and everything we do for only €59 ***Listen, we know it can be scary getting into a training facility you don’t know -We know it’s extremely hard to tell you what separates us from the pack in terms of our systems, location, customer driven focus –So – / – / – / – / – / – /

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So what do you say?

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Cheap Gym Syndrome

You all know this but I will say it anyway.

When a gym charges lets say €29 a month do you really think they want you to turn up?

You say “ah but I’m different, I’ll go, I’m different”

But you’re not. Decades of data proves I’m right.

When you sign up to a commercial gym basically you aren’t paying for fitness, or fat loss at all.

You are paying for gym equipment rental.

They are hard wired to make you not turn up – and then the juicers move in and then that gym chain invariable fails – WHY?

They didn’t get results…

We had the top fit biz consultant in the world over recently and he said the same – (Thom Plummer).

So what do I recommend?????

At least get a program from a top coach to follow – That’s a serious start.

Use the gym equipment that is there to your advantage.

Or better still join a training centric gym, one where there is a real culture of coaching etc.

You won’t believe the results…………………………………..

I would like it to be us but let me know where you live and I can direct you.

Dave “you deserve results” Hare