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Don’t believe what you read

I am here to tell you that most if not all of what you read about your favourite celebrity when it comes to their fitness regime is rubbish.

I train people for a living and I frequently get told about stories in the press about the latest celeb endorsed diet, pill, or exercise.

Do yourself a favour and take all this information with a large pinch of salt. If we consider your average Hollywood Star, they generally have fantastic genetics (otherwise they wouldnt be a Star), a well paid personal trainer, nutritionist and in some cases surgeon.

No story is going to make the press about how a Hollywood star made dietary sacrifices, listened to his/her coach and worked his/her butt off. What does make the headlines?

How Britney Spears does 300 situps a night or how Madonna is on the latest fad diet. People require quick fix solutions to all their problems.

Why do I write this?

because if you beat yourself up due to what your not doing what celebs are you will find it hard to get brilliant results in the gym or from your workout.

Lets look at what does work but you dont read about in the gossip columns.

Interval Training-

This is far better at fat loss than jogging at the same pace for 30 minutes.

Proper resistance training-

If you build (non bulky) muscle you will have a better metabolism and hence burn fat. How can you build healthy muscle without weights.

Working the whole body-

all the crunches in the world will not get you a six pack, dietary changes, resistance training all over and intervals will.

Free Weights-

proper form on a machine weights is poor form in real life, learn how to lunge, squat and deadlift.

Core Training-

Situps are bad for your back and posture avoid, core training stabilises your center of gravity and is generally good for you!

Routines and Strategy-

Willpower will wear out, you want to have exercise as a routine, for example, how many people want to brush their teeth? But its a routine now so it gets done.

Adopt these strategies and you will get more form your workouts. Enjoy your training.