The Cartographer..

Does this sound like a familiar story?

You decide to get fit.

So you join the local gym and get an ‘assessment’
from a so-called personal trainer on your first

Well, they look you up and down and after showing
you how to ‘use the equipment’ they give you a
‘program’ to follow.

Do X. Do Y. Do Z.

And do that 3 times a week and after 6 weeks
they’ll ‘review’ your progress so you don’t

That’s a magic word right there. Plateau.

For ‘plateau’ read ‘GET BORED & LEAVE’.

But that’s not the big problem with this scenario.

It’s the X, the Y and the Z.

The XYZ is usually running on a treadmill, using a
cross trainer and cycling on a stationary bike.

For 6 weeks.

There you have it – the road to nowhere.

OK, so why is this so bad?

Numerous reasons but let’s look at one.

We’ll look at other reasons in future emails.

Just visualize running on a treadmill in a
corporate gym setting.

What do you see?

Dozens of machines lined up in rows.

With audio and visual stimuli like TV’s and radios
right there.

All to stop you from getting bored.

Dozens of people plodding along at different

Dozens of different body shapes and fitness levels
plodding along.

Nothing personal about this training.

Everyone doing the same thing.

Ask your self these 2 questions…

Why are you doing this?

What are you achieving?

If all these people have different goals,
different needs then why are they all doing the
same thing…and going nowhere.

For 6 weeks.

So what should you be doing?

Not this.

You need 2 things to start with.

1. A reason for action and

2. Understanding of where you are going.

Don’t just settle for 6 weeks of plodding.

Know why you exercise and be 100% confident every
single action you take is 1 step closer to YOUR


Jump off the treadmill.

Find a map.

The right map.

If you are looking for YOUR MAP then give me a
call and we’ll draw your map together.

Not send you on a road to nowhere, for 6 weeks.

No pressure. Never boring. Always specific. To

Stay healthy,

Dave “The Cartographer” Hare

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