The problem With Physios

Hello Friends,

We at FTI think it is cheeky that most of our competition only have 30 minute slots for  all physiotherapy sessions and sports massage treatments.

As a matter of fact we think it’s a clever way to bulk up  a clinic’s diary and get more bums on seats.

I have been in the industry in some shape or form for ten years now and I don’t know HOW you are supposed to fix someone in only 30 minutes!

All our physio treatments last 40 mins, and soft tissue treatments lasts 60 mins to aid proper thorough service.

Whilst we are on the topic of Physio clinics, I think it’s also wrong to hook a patient up to a machine of some sort for 30mins, or stick needles in them and leave the room!, maybe you have been to the physio and all they had was a curtain between you and the next patient?

At FTI we pride ourselves on having private rooms and giving everyone the treatment they deserve.

If your physio is doing any of the above, have a think about it and maybe give us a try?

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