The truth about supplements

I have to write this,

There has been much talk in the media recently about sports supplements with a tonne of nutritionists coming out and saying that supplements are dangerous.

Let me be clear…

There is 100% nothing wrong with lots of supplements from a GOOD source.

Protein, Creatine, Fish Oil, Vit D, Multi Vitamins have been proved time and time again to be extremely beneficial.

Oh and by the way a lot of the nutritionists that bad mouth supplements actually buy them themselves and give them to their athletes (I know this because a famous supplier showed me the invoices).

If I had teenage kids right now I would 100% give them a protein shake or two each day if they were training hard enough, would I prefer them to get it form their food? Yes… Never going to happen though.

Saying a 15 year old shouldn’t take supplements is in theory correct but what if that kid simply wasn’t ingesting enough protein from all the training he or she was doing? What’s more dangerous then?

My advice to parents is this…

If your teenage kid is training and studying really hard, has a clean diet, trains with the supervision and guidance of a S&C coach I’d let them take a protein shake.

If they aren’t doing those things, taking supplements is more a waste of money issue then a safety issue if the source is good.

Make sure your kids understand that buying stuff from a cheap website in a zip lock bag is not the way to go… Use Kinetica or ROS nutrition.

A small bit of education goes a long way when it comes to food.

Yours in fitness



Creatine is the most studied supplement of all time and the benefits from a single teaspoon a day are amazing.

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