Try FTI before you Fully Buy..

Quick one for you. If you have never been to FTI I want you to try us..


Actions speak louder than words so why not give this a shout?


We have 5 spaces left for our Group Personal Training…


And then they are gone..(at least until someone drops out)..


Try us for two weeks and if you like us.. You like us..

Two sessions per week –


If this offer was totally free you wouldn’t treat it seriously so I’m attaching a very modest fee…


Check out the trial and if it’s something you would like to do…I look forward to meeting you…


If it’s not for you … no problem.

Before you wonder………..


You don’t already need to be ====>

1) Fit already

2) Super motivated

3) An athlete

4) Totally un-injured (we specialise in working around injuries)


I hope to see you there as getting even a little bit fitter is a pretty amazing thing.



P.S If you want to get more information shoot me a mail, I reply to every mail.

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