What’s a good warm up routine?

By David Hare CSCS

Listen I am going to be frank, if you are still warming up jogging on a treadmill or dossing on a rowing machine you are wasting your precious time. At Functional Training Ireland we train all our clients to move better, fix injuries and basically function better. We don’t waste any time however;  so we do alot of our best work in what we call the warm up phase.

Here is an example of a typical move we use in warm ups; call around at any stage or avail of our free fitness assesement and we can show you some more.

Medicine Ball Chops

The med ball chop drill is one of my favourite protocols. I like it as a warm up routine because with proper technique applied the movement can apply itself over a large number of other exercises like deadlifts for example. It is a total body exercise so it is great for conditioning also, meaning getting you fit!

The best thing about this drill however is that it is great at teaching you to hinge from your hips, “so what?” I hear you say, if you cant hinge from your hips expect a visit from you friendly neighbourhood  physiotherapist any time soon. We lose the ability to hinge  from our hips due to excessive sitting.  Poor hip strength and or function is what we see in an almost daily basis.

Heres how you do it,

Start with the ball(you can use a water bottle or any weight really) and get in the position shown, its a sort of a duck arse pose!(funny names help me remember anyway!).

Get in this position - "duck arse pose is a good coaching cue"

Swing the ball up in the air whilst maintaining a solid core and squeeze the bum muscles at the top of the movement.


Bring the ball back down, never never round your back at this stage keep your spine tall and butt up in the air. What i mean here is not to look like a hunchback whilst coming down.





How many?
Do 3 sets of 12 reps, only use between a 2kg and 4kg weight. Happy Training

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