When your back goes pop

I should know better but I don’t, one or two silly training sessions and pop goes the back..

I have been ignoring an issue for weeks (actually months) and papering over the cracks.

Straight away I booked a Physio session with Orla Magorrian FTI’s head Physio and I’m on the mend..(shown is my top secret rehab protocol)..

A couple of things I observe when I go to Orla..

A) How dumb I am, we all miss the subtle nuances of exercises all the time, my software wasn’t matching my hardware..

B) How bleeding lucky I am to have such top Physios work on my team.. I’ve known Orla maybe 10 years and she is one of my original mentors.

C) How many cool tricks of the trade, edits, cues or reasons why some of my athletes break down, I get a better coach with every injury bizarrely.

Now to lay on the floor and stretch!!!

Happy training

Coach Hare


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