Why counting calories is a waste of time

by Alan Kenny,  Personal Trainer and Nutritionist at Functional Training Ireland.


Hey everyone! Alan Kenny here.

I just want to shoot a quick video on why dieting doesn’t work and counting calories is a waste of time, okay? So even the word ‘diet’ just usually implies something that’s short term, so we’d want you to switch from that and just thinking of eating is just being a lifestyle change and that a long term healthy eating. Many people have dieted for a couple of weeks and then you go binging for another couple of weeks.

People lose weight initially on a diet and then they yo-yo.

Any of the kind of diets around the country now that are kind of based off point systems and counting calories pretty much are a waste of time.

The reason for that and why counting calories is a waste of time, so there’s 2 reasons.

Firstly, it’s very awkward and annoying to do, so nutrition shouldn’t be something that’s a hindrance on your day to day life.

It shouldn’t be hard to do and it shouldn’t be something that is negative and that you count to this and you count to that and you’re constantly

always on it and it’s always on your mind.

It shouldn’t be like that.

And then secondly calories aren’t equal,

So if you’re told to eat 20000 calories a day and if person A gets 2000 calories a day from Mars bars and person B gets 2000 calories a day from

nuts, fish, vegs, protein.

That person B is obviously going to be a lot healthier.

Every time we eat food, whether it’s carbs, proteins or fat,

it has different effects on our hormones

and on our body.

That’s the benefit of healthy eating more so than strictly looking at just calories.

Shift the focus to eating better Monday to

Friday, Monday to Sunday, eating better your 30 – 40 meals a week.

Stop worrying about calories.

Stop worrying about the scales.

Start shifting weight, eating better, losing fat not weight.

That’s the other thing.

A calorie deficit may make you lose weight

but there’s no guarantee that you haven’t lost a muscle mass too, so what we want is you to focus on losing fat and not losing any muscle.

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