You can’t complain if……

Hey guys,

Let me be clear – we all do this – ignoring aches and pains is a Dave Hare speciality, but I’m going to spell out a few home truths,

Don’t get offended if you do any of these things, we all did, until we found a better way.

1, You can’t complain about sore knees/groin if you do loads of jogging with no stretching, core or strength work to help.

2, You can’t complain of a sore back if you do a high intensity classes with no coaching, add to this sitting for hours without any stretching or core work.

3, You can’t complain about ANY injury if you buy a fitness DVD and do it at home, who is to say that DVD is suitable for your body right now?

4, You can’t complain about any injury if you still do sit-ups, crunches and machine weights as your primary exercise routine.

5, You can’t complain about feeling like shit if you follow some faddy diet. It’s just not sustainable.
These are just a few of the most common mistakes we see people making……>>>

Don’t let this happen you and seek professional help so you can get the results you deserve.

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