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Strength and Conditioning For Gaelic Games

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Strength and Conditioning for Gaelic Games is a must read for anyone working with GAA teams of all levels. Coach Dave Hare boils down all of his knowledge into a handy, simple but effective book to get you started on your S&C Journey.

In this 14 Chapter book (plus bonus chapter) we go through everything from designing a gym, Speed training, Recovery, Fitness and much more.

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Strength and Conditioning For Gaelic Games is the most practical, user friendly book on the topic ever written.

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In over 14 chapters Coach Hare goes through everything you’ll need to have a progressive S&C System in ANY GAA Club or School.

To our knowledge it is also THE FIRST book ever written on this huge topic.

Also included is Coach Hare’s experiences working with various teams, how to deal with players, how to get the funds you need to succeed and much more.

Included in this price is all shipping costs, this book was completely self published also.

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9 reviews for Strength and Conditioning For Gaelic Games

  1. 5 out of 5


    Dave is one of the best in the business in Ireland. This book should be the go to resource for any aspiring S & C coach working with GAA teams at any level! Dave’s strengths are making the most complicated aspects of training seem simple and applicable to any level of athlete. This book gives you a large ranging oversight of many topics from gym design and layout, leadership in a team setting and the principles of program design! Excellent resource to pick up some of the wisdom Dave has accumulated over the years.

  2. 5 out of 5


    Anyone working in Gaelic Games, or any sport really, needs to read this book. If you have followed Coach Hare’s work over the last few years, then you know that he has improved every team that he has worked with.

    Sure, there are more scientific books out there, but none, with as much practical information as this! For me, this is what sets this book apart. There is simply no other book on the market like this.

    Strength and Conditioning for Gaelic Games includes only real world, usable information. If you apply Coach Hares methods, you will improve the physical performance of your team, guaranteed.

  3. 5 out of 5


    Dave has done great job with this book. It is pure gold for Gaa clubs, team coaches, upcoming S&C coaches, players and parents. I couldn’t recommend it enough. A refreshing insight into real world S&C in the GAA.. No fluff, not to much sciencey stuff, loads of practical advice and plug in information. Great programming guidelines and standards for all the performance testing too. Great work Dave, your writing style is similar to Dan John, few stories and jokes thrown in to reinforce the message. Class work my man. Every GAA club could make huge strides with this.
    I have seen it in my own club working with Dave he has transformed the culture and environment from top to bottom and we are reaping the benefits on the pitch.

    Mark Scanlon – Round Towers GAA

  4. 5 out of 5


    Anybody wanting or is is working in gaa set up should read this book.Dave tells you the right and the wrong way to approach clubs and county boards to get things done .He also explains things very well .An very good insight into working in the backroom team of an inter county set up.It will transform the way you deal with teams and individuals.A lot of practical information set out in it,how to set out a program,and testing protocols.Dave tells you a few stories about how different stitutaions have changed the way he has dealt with athletes and players and management now .It is a book that once you start reading it,it very hard to stop reading and put it down

  5. 5 out of 5


    brilliant book that not only talks about S&C but also many other topics that can make any GAA team successful. This book has educated me as a Player, Student & has developed my knowledge to become a S&C coach. The book is easy read and I completed reading it within a few days. Brilliant book.

  6. 5 out of 5


    I work with a number of GAA teams and individual players through private practice as a Physical Therapist, and bought the book to review good S&C practices to help advise teams on and also for rehab exercise ideas. The book was excellent read it within the space of a week as it was hard to put down, it was very well put together and very easily understood without any excessive terminology to hinder you progress and learn. Will be a great benefit to have to refer back to over the coming weeks and years!

  7. 5 out of 5


    As a player, I was lucky to have Dave as a coach with both Longford and my club Fr. Manning Gaels and still abide by the principles he taught me. I can safely say that I am a far greater athlete now than before I met Dave. This book is a fantastic resource and I would highly recommend it for anyone with an interest in Gaelic Games (or even anyone who is interested in simply being healthy). The book is written in lay-man’s terms, so even if you are a complete beginner to S&C, everything is easy to understand and implement. It is also to the point, no filler, so there is something useful to learn from every page. If/When I start training teams, this book will be my coaching Bible!

  8. 5 out of 5


    Excellent book- clear, concise and a wealth of knowledge & information packed into it. One of my favourite S&C books from one of the top coaches in the country! Highly recommended!!

  9. 5 out of 5


    Very good and easy to read book. Goes through a lot of basics as said at the start but all very good well needed information. I myself am an S&C coach so I knew 90% of the book but still found it very good and took some useful bits from it

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