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Working in or Working On your Biz

How Adequate Advertising Campaigns Help You Avoid This ChoiceThere is a great question all entrepreneurs should ask themselves: am I working in my business or on my business? This question aims to define if you are on top of your game, managing a business, or completely overwhelmed by various tasks that keep your business barely…

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Flex Your Marketing Muscles with the Right Type of Promotion

Flex Your Marketing Muscles with the Right Type of PromotionDo you know what your fitness business needs in order to take off properly? A good set of marketing abs and pectorals. No joke here, no matter how hard you flex your muscles in promotional videos, they will never get the right type of exposure unless…

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The Old FTI Blog

Talk about content Marketing – This is the link for all the blog pieces I wrote for my old Physio and PT studio.. Lots of people want to conquer Google but aren’t willing to put in the hard yards.. decent stuff there to be fair.. The older posts I’m near embarrassed about which should be the way -…

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