Get More Fitness Clients With These 5 Simple Email Marketing Tips

Get More Fitness Clients With These 5 Simple Email Marketing Tips

Email is still one of the most direct and efficient means of communication between people, and between businesses and people. There are various rules about email etiquette and even laws against spamming, so every aspect of an email marketing campaign must be carefully planned, from the moment you purchase a MailChimp subscription, to the moment you send out your first batch of emails.

However, there is a simple rule of the thumb for email communication: do not do unto others what you do not like being done to you. So, if you dislike those pesky daily emails and newsletters which have nothing interesting and useful to offer you, do not inflict this type of email onto your subscribers.

So today we’re here to talk about what you should do – rather than what you shouldn’t – when it comes to email marketing. The first obvious step is to sign up for an email automation service, such as MailChimp. This is an affordable solution allowing you to schedule your newsletters, create different groups of subscribers for differentiated targeting and, most importantly, offer you a very detailed insight into the success of your email campaign.

Let’s take a deep breath and dig in:

1. Set a Day for a Specific Type of Email

It can be the Monday Energiser Routine or the Wednesday Recipe email. But set a day aside when you send a specific type of email. It makes people look forward to your emails, giving them a sense of continuity.

You can simply share one training tip, one healthy recipe, one secret ingredient in your daily diet or something similar – simple, yet effective – making people wait for more in the next email. This keeps your subscribers loyal and willing to buy your programmes.

2. Talk about Case Studies

Case studies work just fine for many types of businesses, and absolutely amazingly for fitness and diet businesses. There is one little hitch to this type of email story: you either present your story without photos, or you negotiate with your client to allow you to share his or her story.

You will find out, though, that people are quite happy to share their success stories and become a source of inspiration for others.

3. Launch a Shout Out to the Most Loyal Clients

Who is the biggest loser (in terms of kilograms)? Who finished your full routine and can boast a perfectly sculpted body? Although this type of email may seem like a case study story, it is not. Because this time you will reward your most diligent clients with a special gift. It can be a free week’s subscription to your brand new programme, a special cookbook for fitness pros, or something similar.

4. Create a Client Referral Program

If your clients are happy, why wouldn’t they share the benefits of your fitness routine with their friends? Indeed, there is nothing stopping them from doing that, and if you offer them a little incentive for forwarding your newsletter and inviting a friend to sign-up for your newsletter, you will see your subscribers’ base grow.

You can check in MailChimp which one of your clients referred more friends, and create differentiated incentives accordingly.

5. Do Not Forget about the Holidays

It does not take very much to compose a cheerful message for the upcoming holidays and schedule it to be delivered to your subscribers’ inbox. You can add a special discount or freebie for your products or fitness programmes, or you can simply send out your best wishes. You can prepare your holiday email ahead of time and schedule it to be sent out in MailChimp and then enjoy the holidays with your family without a worry.

These simple tips will make you an email marketing pro in no time. Just make sure you create a reasonable email schedule and you keep your eyes on the metrics. If your emails have a high no-open rate, it means you need to change something in your email contents. But we will discuss this issue on another occasion.

Coach Hare