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Olympic Lifting For Team Sports

The Olympic Lifting Question For Team Sports.  Olympic Lifting with GAA teams, soccer, rugby, etc is a long-term project in my eyes, and you’ll have to accept that some of your team can’t, won’t or shouldn’t go near them. That said, if you can get them in your program I have seen huge speed and…

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The Warm-Up in GAA. Principles, not Prescription

What are my beliefs when it comes to warming up a team? It’s a question I get asked a lot, when do we do it? , why do we do it? How do we do it? But before I answer let’s look at few problems with warming up teams in general. When you perform poorly in…

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Sprinting Form For GAA Players – Part 2

Seeing as the last article was well received I have decided to delve a little bit deeper into this topic. In the last article I mentioned wickets, what are they? Again, I’m not an athletics coach so of course there will be a dumbing down of some of the drills those guys use on a…

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