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Sprinting Form For GAA Players – Part 2

Seeing as the last article was well received I have decided to delve a little bit deeper into this topic. In the last article I mentioned wickets, what are they? Again, I’m not an athletics coach so of course there will be a dumbing down of some of the drills those guys use on a…

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Sprinting Mechanics – Basic Advice

Fixing how your players move should be at the foremost of every coach’s mind. It is tricky however to do so when it comes to sprint “fixing”. I will cover a few more articles on this later but suffice to say that your local athletics club has been doing this stuff well for years and…

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Some Thoughts on Designing A Gym

By Coach Hare, I have designed numerous Rugby/ GAA gyms/ Sports club gyms in my career. I personally have designed and implemented for my own company 4 “Functional Gyms” from attics in Ballymun to Georgian buildings in Fitzwilliam Square. I have been given budgets from 3k to 40k, each gym followed a basic template, I treat…

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