Bust a Rut

Bust A Rut - Fit Pros Beware 


If you want to be successful you must meet other coaches and professionals. I can't stress this point enough. I have a host of people I can call upon for advice when ---->

A) you hit a rut professionally (everyone does by the way).

B) your own physical training goes stale.

C) when I'm not earning enough money.

D) a niche area of fitness - like say Olympic lifts (in my opinion S&C coaches need to improve here big time - so seek the experts).

E) injury or medical advice (when as coaches are we ever too far away from medical issues?).

F) equipment or repair issues

You can't know it all and don't try to either..

The best way to meet someone is to pay them for their time or refer clients to them.

Get off LinkedIn and actually ring people and meet them.

Meet 1 person a forthright even, at the end of a calendar year I can guarantee you your career will have improved.

Happy Networking