Flex Your Marketing Muscles with the Right Type of Promotion

Flex Your Marketing Muscles with the Right Type of Promotion

Do you know what your fitness business needs in order to take off properly? A good set of marketing abs and pectorals. No joke here, no matter how hard you flex your muscles in promotional videos, they will never get the right type of exposure unless you get your fitness marketing under control as well.

So, how do you flex your marketing muscles? The answer is short, but not simple. It’s called social media. This is your arena where you should show off your skills and expertise and wow the potential clients. However, social media fitness marketing is not a piece of cake (no pun intended, honestly). It takes a lot of careful planning and insight into what people find interesting, worth liking and sharing.

The social media game is more exhausting than one hour on the treadmill to be honest, but I am here to give you a good dose of healthy social media marketing vitamins and help you grow your fitness business from newbie to top-class expert.

So, what does a great fitness marketing campaign look like?


1. It Is about Them, Not You

Whenever you get ready to shoot another YouTube video, remember that your main purpose is not showing off your muscles. What you really want to do is to show people that they could have the same fit physique if they choose your fitness program. So, you do not want to show the most complex and difficult exercises you can do (plus, you don’t want to give them your complete training scheme for free).

The best fitness marketing videos include simple exercises which are targeted at body areas most people have a hard time getting in shape (such as the abdominals, the glutes, etc.). If your routine is simple and effective, your videos will become viral in no time.


2. Share Complementary Advice

Like I’ve already pointed out, you are in this business for a profit, so you can’t just give away all your tips and tricks. So, what can you share on the social media to keep people interested and create a traffic funnel to your website or bring people to your gym?

The simple answer is: give complementary advice, such as tips for a healthier lifestyle and better nutrition. If you follow a specific diet which helps you stay healthy and full of energy, and it is not a core part of your fitness program, you should share it with your followers.


3. One Tip Per Day

Here’s one simple idea for building a social media fitness marketing schedule. Create a list of 20 simple tips for every moment of the fitness program (warming up, during the fitness program, after the program) and share one of them every day. In this way, you have covered nearly three weeks of posting.


4. Never Forget about the Call to Action

This is one of the basic rules of online marketing: never post anything without requiring some sort of action from your followers. It could be anything from inviting them to subscribe to your newsletter, view your video on Youtube, or grab a promotional offer.

That is just the beginning, but it is a great way to start flexing your fitness marketing muscles in the right way and, most importantly, in a meaningful manner to the right audience – your potential clients.


Coach Hare