Is the Spotlight Avoiding You? The Secret to Fitness Success

Is the Spotlight Avoiding You? The Secret to Fitness Success.

Is your fitness business getting all the clients it can handle? Half of them? Or barely enough to keep staying in business? FTI Marketing knows exactly why you are not one of the fitness superstars out there: it’s not that you are not good enough as a trainer, it’s that your business does not get the right spotlight in terms of promotion.

Yes, promotion – advertising, word of mouth, reviews – all these make some fitness businesses top earners, while others struggle to survive in a market where everyone wants to look youthful, fit and slim at all costs. So, after much consideration, coach Dave Hare has decided to share with you some of his findings after being in the business of fitness promotion for years.

Fitness is a “show and tell” kind of business. If you want to bring people into your gym or on your website, you need to give them a few peeks at what you can do and then make them some irresistible promises. But let’s flex our muscles a bit and get ready to start on the path of stellar promotion for your fitness business:


1. The Power of the Video

Well that makes sense, doesn’t it? You capitalise on your own skills and on the way you sculpted your own body, and show people what you can do. But that is not enough. You need to convince them that THEY can do the type of fitness routines that you teach.

So make your videos simple. For one, you don’t want to give away for free your fitness routine. Also, you don’t want to frighten your potential clients away with complex cardio, gym or bulking exercises. You want to look like a pro, but able to teach people who have (possibly) never exercised before to help them obtain their dream body.


2. Smart Advertising

Now, that’s where coach Dave Hare is very particular: lots of fitness businesses lose money investing in ads which do not work. Why? Because they don’t promote something worth promoting. Facebook ads are effective as long as people believe that it’s worth their time to click on a link, follow through with an opt-in form and then obtain the promised benefit.

So, what type of benefit should you advertise? How about a free lesson to give people a taste of your skills? Using the principle of “you have to see it to believe it”, let people test your beginner lesson for free and then offer them the option to sign up for more lessons.


3. Offer Some Freebies

Everyone loves to get something for free, no matter how small or inexpensive. Consider building goodwill for your fitness business on the social media with a free download. It can be a video recording, an e-book, a complementary diet plan which enhances the results of your fitness routine… you get the picture.


4. Establish Smart Partnerships

Fitness and diet go hand in hand. Fitness routines are best done if people wear specialised gym clothes. Fitness routines are a part of the warm-up for many sports. These three statements offer you three types of potential partnerships which you can establish with other businesses. This is how many successful businesses help each other grow (just think of the famous sportspersons that endorse various products).


5. Do Not Ignore Traditional Printed Advertising

I have one final recommendation to make: do not ignore the power of flyers and vouchers. They are still an effective way to market your fitness business and bring you more clients. Every few months, run a flyer campaign for a week or two and refresh your client base. Out of all the newcomers, some will drop out after a few lessons, others after a few months, but some of them will remain long-term loyal customers.

Now you know the truth: your fitness business is not as successful as it deserves to be for the simple reason that your potential customers don’t know of its existence. However, under FTI Marketing's guidance, you too can become a fitness superstar.