The FTI Fit Pro Marketing Seminar

Finally A Straight To The Point Marketing Event Just For Fit Pros . . . 

Kindly Sponsored By The European Fitness Network 

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What Are We Covering At This Event?


Dave Hare - The FTI Systems

Dave Hare has built, systemised and sold a successful fitness/ physio studio in Dublin's City Centre, Learn  . . . 

  • To use Before, During and After units in your biz.. 
  • To charge appropriately for your time...
  • Basics of WordPress Websites...
  • Why you need to use Wuffo forms... 
  • Why Screenflow is Awesome...
  • Imovie Training ...
  • Why handwritten cards can accelerate your business... 
  • Cashflow mistakes you NEED to avoid...
  • How to avoid late cancellations...
  • Why you need to systemise your marketing.. 

Carl Turner - Facebook Ad Training

Carl is simply great at creating leads with Facebook ads, bring your laptop and get lessons off a guy who is churning out great ads consistently. 

Running targeted, effective and simple Facebook ads is a must for any fit pros out there. Not to be missed. 

Joey Boland - Training Staff To Be Rockstars

The great obstacle that we all face is training in staff to be freaky good. It's hard to find people as driven and as motivated as you but Joey will outline the steps he takes to get this done. Learn. . . 

  • How a strict internship programme can be utilised to great effect. 
  • What to look out for in the application form.
  • Much much more.. 


The Nitty Gritty: 



December 5th - 10am to 1pm


€47 for EFN Members - €97 for Non EFN Members 


Suitable for Beginners and Intermediate level business owners, if you know who Dan Kennedy or Joe Polish is then it's probably not for you. 

Limited Places !

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