Practical Recovery Ideas for Teams –

Here are some handy Recovery Ideas pulled together from my Instagram page, I will be adding to this resource so be sure to keep checking back.

Pool Recovery Session- 

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More from the pool recovery files. Lots of teams head to the pool to recover after hard sessions etc but they lack a bit of structure.. Here's what I try; - Walking forward (with arm swings) 2 - Walking backwards (with arm swings) 2 - Sidesteps (with sideways arm swings) 1 R, 1 L - Walking freestyle 1 - Walking backstroke 1 - Walking high knees 2 - Walking bum flicks 2 - Walking lunges 2 - Walking breast stroke 2 - Walking butterfly 2 - Side steps (arm swing to the side) 1 R, 1 L - Backward stepping lunges* 1 - Walking on tip toes (arms extended overhead) 1 - Walking grape vine 1 R, 1 L - Walking forward (with arm swings) 1 - Walking backward (with arm swings) 1 I can't remember where I got this protocol but it's a good place to start. @anton_sullivan loves it too.. #coachhare #recovery #offaly #strengthandconditioning #recovery #training #gym #fitnesslife

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Partner Assisted Soft Tissue Work

Partner Assisted Stretching

Light Med Ball Work