Ultimate GAA Package


The Ultimate GAA Training Pack.

This package is absolutely perfect for coaches of all teams. It contains everything you need to educate your players on a whole host of areas such as nutrition, recovery, and more.  

It contains done-for-you posters that can go on gym/dressing room walls, handed to players physically, or posted to a Facebook group for example. 

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I’ve done the work for you. Download today all the systems I have developed over the years training teams of various abilities.

These resources are perfect for handouts, posters for the wall, and education for coaches.

It is literally everything you need to take your team (or yourself) to the next level.

Included is – 

  • Agility and Power Training Booklet.
  • GAA Nutrition Book.
  • Fitness Test Cards for easy recording.
  • Recovery for after Training book.
  • Pre-Match Diet Handouts.
  • Pre-Training Snack Handouts.
  • Recovery Poster.
  • 100 points recovery poster
  • Sprinting Mechanics Download.
  • Sample underage lockdown session with diagrams
  • GAA Gym Training Poster – A simple system to train any team.

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