This website is to help the development of all St. Paul's College SCT Players, please check back weekly to see updates. 


Athlete Feedback After Training

Please read these to remember what we covered and read where we need to work on. 

Fitness Homework for SCT: MAS Runs. 

Pace out and mark 70m track - (if quite unfit pace out 65m).  

Run for 15 seconds (or less if you can) to get to the end of the line. 

Wait for 15 seconds. 

Run again - etc Repeat for 5 mins in total.  

So you will be running for 15 seconds, resting for 15 seconds and so on. 

Work on any ball skills for 5 minutes in between and repeat the above running session. 


Training Videos

Standard Modern Warm Up

Skill Passing Drills

Breakdown Masterclass Richie McCaw

Lineout Masterclass

Senior Cup Trys to Analyse

Recovery Basics Post Training/Match

Screen Shot 2015-12-16 at 15.05.17
are you tired?

Fitness Work

MAS Conditioning - 

2 Times per week (on top of training unless playing other sports)..

70m run 

15 sec on - 15 sec rest x 5 minutes. 

We will build on this as we go on. 


Weight Training - 

To be done a minimum of twice a week. 

Body weight is ok for now, then we will add DBs. 

Do 10 Reps of Reverse Lunges as per Training. 

Do 10 Reps of Push Up Rotates as per training. 

Do 10 Reps of Walk outs as per training. 

Do the above circuit 3 times. 

Rules for SCT Players

St Paul's College has a proud rugby tradition and was known for a hard, tough, but yet skilful (GAA and Soccer Influence) brand of rugby. 

With that in mind we will expect the following from all SCT players, these "rules" are not to punish players but to ensure we have more fun and get the most out of ourselves. 

  1. Appropriate Kit at all training sessions, boots to abide by IRFU safety regulations. Gum shields are mandatory for safety.  
  2. We will be training twice a week. I expect a 90% attendance at training or you will not start the games. I think this is highly fair and we will of course take into account injury etc. 
  3. Respecting all the teachers and coaches is a key rule for all SCT Players.  
  4. A key part of our plan is to respect and help all referees, We will call s/he "sir" and every decision they make is final and we respect it. Lack of respect towards referees will not be tolerated.
  5. Sweeping the sheds. All the teams I coach, sweep and clean the dressing rooms after we use them. It's an amazingly powerful gesture that develops hugely positive good will. 
  6. Fun, we will develop heaps of this. Rugby is a game where we are only as strong as our weakest link. No players will be ridiculed for lack of skill etc, it's a late maturing sport. 
  7. Team Selection, I will endeavour to select as many players as possible in challenge matches. I reserve the right to pick the best 15 come cup days. 
  8. All St. Paul's players should bring a chocolate milk for post workout nutrition. 
  9. Physiotherapy services for injured players will be available when directed by the head coach. 
  10. Strength and Conditioning is mandatory for All SCT Players. 
  11. Replacing all training gear properly where we found it is mandatory for all SCT players. 
  12. Hydration is crucial for all SCT players, to avoid the spreading of colds and flus, all players must bring their own water bottles.